International and national studies of norms and gender division of work at the life course transition to parenthood 
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Project Description
Collaboration Partners


TransParent Workshop  -  Madrid, Spain

This workshop on 26.-27. October 2017, brings together a team of national experts who are contributing to a comparative edited volumen on the transitions to parenthood in Europe.  The workshop focuses on the impact of national institutions on the change of norms and ideologies, and, furthermore, how couples negotiate, resist or embrace these norms and ideologies during their transition to parenthood. For more information see the programm at the TransParent website.

TransParent Network Meeting  -  Leicester, England

The members of the Transparent Network met at the 15th of September in Leicester at the 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology to present current research and discussing upcoming projects. For more information visit the TransParent website.

TransParent Workshop  - Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

In March (6th -7th  2014) a team of national experts who are contributing to a comparative edited volume on the transition to parenthood in eight European countries met at the Goethe-University. The meeting was be hosted by the APPARENT project. This year, experts from the fields of family and sociology, gender studies, comparative research and methodology were invited as external readers to comment on the TransParent group’s work-in-progress and make suggestions for further refinement. More information is available on the TransParent website.

Parenthood, Reconciliation of Work and Family and Life Conduct. Methods and Methodological Problems. Workshop

The members of the Apparent team have met with the researchers from project B5 „Working organisations and life conduct of fathers“, SFB 882 (conducted by Prof. Dr. Mechtild Oechsle) at a jointly-organized workshop in Bielefeld on March 14th 2013. For more information see the programme.

TransParent Network Meeting - Stockholm, Sweden

The members of the TransParent network have met in Stockholm on 26 and 27 September. For more information check out the TransParent website.


The next meeting of the UvA-UU-VU-family-research-network will be on March 28th, 2013 from 16.00-18.00 in room 0.19 (A.W. de Grootzaal, Utrecht University). Previous meetings took place on February 18th 2013 (UvA), January 7th 2013 (VU), December 7th 2012 (Utrecht), July 12th 2012 (Utrecht), June 5th 2012 (UvA), May 14th 2012 (UvA) and March 29th 2012 (VU). During the meetings one researcher is presenting her/his work and receives feedback from the other researchers.

Conference Presentation - Lund University, Sweden
Kristina John, PhD Candidate in the APPARENT project, will present her paper about the rise of expertise in the parenting discourse in the Netherlands and Germany at the conference “The Normative Anatomy of Society. Relations between Norms and Law in the 21st Century”. The conference will take place in Lund, Sweden, 24th-25th April 2012.

TransParent Network Meeting - Barcelona, Spain

The members of the TransParent network are currently planning a meeting in autumn to discuss the ideas and fieldwork progress. The meeting will take place in Barcelona on 19 and 20 September and will gather researchers from all the countries investigated within the project.
Conference Presentation - University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
Kristina John, PhD Candidate in the APPARENT project, will present her paper “The dynamics between expertise, parenting norms and politics: Media-analytical evidence from Germany and the Netherlands” at the conference “Monitoring Parents: Science, evidence, experts and the new parenting culture”. The conference will take place in Canterbury, UK, 13th-14th September  2011.  The presentation can be  read  here (Panel 7).
Conference Presentation - Budapest, Hungary

Daniela Grunow will present the APPARENT project as an invited speaker at the ERC conference: "Promoting Excellence in Research in Europe", Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, 20th June 2011.

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